UPTOWN Professional Sep 6, 2011

Elite Executive: Terri Austin

Elite Executives: Terri AustinWith 18 months under her belt as vice president of diversity and inclusion at The McGraw-Hill Companies, Terri Austin has made some impressive strides. She’s helped McGraw-Hill expand its definition of diversity beyond race and gender through the development of an employee resource group (ERG) that has more than 700 members. LEAD, short for Learning, Empowering and Accelerating Digital, focuses on all things digital, helping employees to network and boost their digital development.

“It is particularly exciting to support this ERG because such a large percentage of McGraw-Hill’s products are digital,” Austin says, also sharing that her team began developing a second employee resource group based on disability. In total, McGraw-Hill has six ERGs that have more than 4,000 members worldwide. These groups are some of the greatest contributors to McGraw-Hill’s global volunteer program.

“We are proud of the activities and development opportunities that our ERGs offer to employees. I have also concentrated on increasing the diversity of senior management by working with the talent acquisition team to ensure that diverse candidates are considered,” says Austin, who joined the company in January 2010.

“One of the greatest benefits from our diversity and inclusion initiatives is the increased engagement of our employees,” Austin explains.