UPTOWN Professional Aug 23, 2011

Top 40 Companies in Diversity & Inclusion

Top 40 Companies in Diversity & Inclusion

We at Uptown Professional convened this spring and made a decision to draw a line in the sand and publish our own Top Companies in Diversity & Inclusion list.

While similar lists have been undertaken and advanced by other magazines and organizations, it is critical to note that while we see the benefits of surveys, we also recognize that some degree of subjectivity will result in no two lists being the same. Meaning, while there will always be companies that simply “get it” and will consequently appear on our list as well as most others, there are also those hidden jewels that frequently escape recognition—either because their accomplishments are just emerging or because their achievements are noteworthy in categories and measures that matter to us in particular.

We also believe that it is absolutely no accident that many of these Top Companies have the most diverse and inclusive rosters and bench strength in terms of their top executives and boards of directors. The inclusion in senior ranks of persons of color and women is a factor that weighed heavily in terms of companies we chose to recognize.

Additionally, we unabashedly sought to recognize those companies and organizations that support diverse- owned and diverse-focused media by way of advertising and sponsorship. There is a direct correlation between our companies and those that are top advertisers in constituent media that targets Latinos, African-Americans, Asians and women.

These companies are knowledgeable and savvy about new and emerging markets. They demonstrate a sophistication in their media spending by deftly supporting and targeting media and outlets that aptly call their readers, listeners and viewers to action. In targeting them, these companies demonstrate a respect that cannot be translated through a pure general-market approach.

Other criteria that were important to us in evaluating these Top Companies include: support of diverse professional and community associations; the development and funding of robust and engaged employee resource and network groups; a structured and successful minority supplier and vendor development program; and, of course, a demonstrated vision and commitment from the top of the organization.

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