Glenda Swain Jan 23, 2014

Microsoft Gets in The Game With Seahawks Partnerships

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XBox Seahaws PartnershipThe Xbox and Surface partnership with the NFL that began last year means there’s a prominent display of the Surface brand behind players’ benches at games. There also are NFL apps, such as ones for fantasy football and game replays, created for the Surface and other Windows tablets.

Several NFL teams, including the Seahawks, have deployed Surfaces in their business offices and are testing tablet apps designed to help manage players’ health. In addition, it was important to Microsoft that the sponsorship include more than just a logo on a stadium. As with the Surface deal, the Xbox partnership with the NFL involves displaying the brand name, but also deeper product integration.

There’s an NFL on Xbox One app that includes the ability to get scores and stats on the entire league in real time and to get highlights from various games — and to have those displayed in a smaller window on the same screen and at the same time that a viewer is watching a live game, movie or TV show.

Similarly, users of the app could keep track of their fantasy football teams with real-time updates on a smaller window of their large-screen TV, as they watched a live game. More recently, the app added a feature called Playoff Face Off in which participants predict performances for the big games, giving them a chance to win tickets to this year’s and next year’s Super Bowl. And before the launch of the Xbox One last November, the Xbox team set up giant SUVs outside game stadiums where fans could try out the consoles. With these partnerships, instead of highlighting the company as a whole, Microsoft chose to feature products and services that consumers could readily identify, buy and use.

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