Alicia Nicole Nov 8, 2012

Four More Years: What We Need to see from President Obama

Uptown Professional President Obama Election 2012As the dust settles and the euphoria of Tuesday’s win subsides, President Obama must face some very tough issues. With unemployment at an all time high and college quickly becoming a luxury for only the wealthy, our President must make good on some of his key campaign issues to restore America’s failing economy and American’s faith in him as a leader. Here are a few key issues that President Obama needs to address over the next four years.

Jobs and the Economy
It’s no secret that the American economy is struggling and with unemployment at an all time high, President Obama is the only President to be re-elected with an unemployment rate over 7%. Under the Obama administration, America has seen 32 consecutive months of job growth, with roughly 157,000 jobs created every month but with unemployment still at 7.9% the President has a lot of work to do. Unemployed Americans would like to see President Obama make good on his promise to eliminate tax breaks to companies that outsource jobs overseas and provide incentives for companies that create jobs in America. Americans also need to see President Obama make good on his promise to make tax cuts on middle class families permanent.

As the list of public school closings continues to grow, many parents are forced to send their children to schools that are over crowded and under performing. The President needs to make good on his promise to expand the Race to the Top Fund, which granted schools monetary awards for meeting educational policies like performance based standards for teacher’s and demonstrating progress in closing achievement gaps. As college tuition rates continue to increase and recent graduates carrying more debt than ever, the President has already capped federal repayments of student loans at 10% of income, and has promised to cut tuition growth in half. With the American Opportunity Tax Credit set to expire this December, the nation will be watching President Obama to see how he plans on making college affordable for everyone.

Immigration Reform
American has long been billed as the “land of opportunity,” and the large communities of immigrants found in every region of the nation attest to that. President Obama has promised to support the Dream Act and work with congress on comprehensive immigration reform which includes a rule allowing undocumented spouses and children of US citizens to apply for citizenship from within the US. With nearly 12 million people in the US illegally, the pressure will be on President Obama to make significant progress on his promise.

The next four years will be tough for President Obama. Our nation remains divided and many are looking to him to repair the divide. All eyes will be on him as Americans look to him to make good on his campaign promises and restore our nation’s reputation as the strongest in the world.