Jessica Styles Oct 10, 2012

The FAB Corner: What’s In Your Career Toolkit?

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Before exploring what’s in your tool kit, let’s make sure we’re on the same page with identifying its purpose.

In this discussion, we define a career tool kit as a ready-to-go professional portfolio that displays your professional experience, organizational capacity and workforce background. Your career tool kit hosts a wide spectrum of career-related information, all set to showcase your tools, e.g. work/internship experience, resume, cover letter, business cards, letters of recommendation, business connections and samples of completed projects.

Average versus Extraordinary
Without your Career Tool Kit, you have not proven your dedication to taking your career to the next level. Your desire to succeed is watered down and the pace at which you will be promoted and considered for positions and professional opportunities will be stunted. Neither your work, nor your experience, will be as highly regarded.

If you’re lucky or are able to make a connection because of someone you know, you may score an opportunity despite your lack of preparation or organization. But, either way, your professional presentation and style speaks volume. Even if you get the position, the promotion or the raise because of a personal connection, you lack the foundation to continue that rapid success. And who knows, had you been prepared with your CAREER TOOL KIT, maybe you would have progressed even further.

Why take that chance and play russian roulette with your life and your future?! Instead of trying to go around the system and find short cuts to success, build up your reputation in a way that reflects your tenacity, dedication to succeed and willingness to go above and beyond your competition. If you want great results, you must display great efforts, great work and a great presentation.

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