Jessica Styles Sep 26, 2012

The FAB Corner: WOW Factor Files

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Get organized with filesHow to Create Your WOW Factor Files?

  • Make a binder with dividers. The dividers should include the areas of business where you have the most information. Example: Business Contacts, Organizations, City Agencies, Grant Funding
  • Save and document important information, such as email exchanges, event invites, meeting notes, brainstorming notes, etc. Categorize this information and put in the appropriate section in your binder
  • Maintain your binder (update it regularly) and use it as a resource guide. It is your one stop shop for all matters relating to your business goals

It is essential that you complete these three steps to ensure that you are not only creating opportunities for yourself, but that you are also maintaining your business database and using it to its fullest potential. Your documentation of your WOW Factor Files helps to solidify you as an industry expert (aiding you in learning your industry of interest beyond a surface level understanding).

Jessica Styles is a Professional Coach and founder of The FAB Network, a consulting firm fostering career and social opportunities for students and professionals. Her company has developed a comprehensive Dept. of Education curriculum to educate students on professional development including resume writing, interviewing and career aspirations. Styles is an Adjunct Professor at LIM College, public speaker for conferences and universities, and has also been featured for her expertise on, New York’s Power 105.1 and


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