Jessica Styles Sep 19, 2012

The FAB Corner: You WOW. You Exploit. Now What?

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The FAB Network: WOW Factor Series
We have now reached Part 3 of 4 in the WOW FACTOR series. In Part 1, we defined and identified our WOW Factor. In Part 2, we cleared up the misconception of exploitation and learned the proper steps to positively exploit our WOW Factors and, now, we’re going to develop a follow-up strategy to make sure our actions are generating opportunities.

At this point, you’ve recognized those special and unique qualities that make you stand out. You’ve also reached out to personal and professional contacts and you’ve WOW’d your audience. Now what?

It is not only important to master steps 1 and 2. You also have to take charge and find ways to create a buzz for yourself. When opportunities arise or new positions open up, you want your name, your WOW Factors, your skills and your experience to be top-of-mind for power players.

Ask yourself this essential question – what have you done that is so significant that would make someone reach out to you and alert you of a FABulous opportunity? It is YOUR duty to make a competitive statement that is compelling and persuasive.

Challenge: Click through to take the WOW Factor Test and analyze your answers. Use these questions to frame your interactions and outcomes. Be sure to document your answers in your CAREER JOURNAL.