Jessica Styles Sep 12, 2012

The FAB Corner: Exploit Your WOW

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WOW Factor Series #2: Exploit Your WOW FactorWOW Factor Series #2: How Do You Positively Exploit Your WOW Factor?

Before diving deep into how to “Exploit Your WOW Factor,” we must clear up some common misconceptions about the definition of exploit. I feel confident to say that many have a negative perception of the word exploit, however according to, exploit means “the act of employing to the greatest possible advantage; the act of capitalizing on an opportunity.” If we go a step further to define the word positive, we find that it means “moving in a beneficial direction.”

Positive + Exploit = Using your special and unique qualities to advance yourself and move towards progress.

In other words, using what you’ve got to get what you want! I’m assuming you’ve read Part 1 of the WOW Factor series (if not, do so before reading this article) and you’re a pro at explaining and identifying your tangible and intangible WOW Factors. Now, you’re ready to positively exploit them.

Here’s the million dollar question: what do you do AFTER you’ve identified your WOW Factors? Grab your CAREER JOURNAL and click through for three easy steps!

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