Alicia Nicole Aug 23, 2012

Resume Paper: A Must Or Fluff?

Resume Paper

Whether you’re unemployed or wanting to take your career in a different direction, job searching is difficult. When there are multiple qualified candidates vying for one position, who gets an interview can often come down to something as simple as resume paper. Yes, you read correctly: resume paper.

When most of us entered the work force, the consensus was that resume paper is a must. Now, hiring managers disagree on the matter.

“These days most resumes are uploaded into our system and when we print  them out, we use regular white paper,” said a recruiter at Best Buy. “But, I think when you come in for your interview, you should always bring copies of your resume printed on nice resume paper. Nothing too thick, but something with a heavier feel. Ivory linen paper is perfect. Printing on resume paper shows us that you put effort into the presentation of your resume.”

An HR member at Target disagrees.

“As a Black woman in HR, I don’t believe in resume paper. I think it’s fluff. I learned from some of the best recruiters in the country, working for a Fortune 500 company. Your merit and talent should outshine the quality of the paper. When I source recruit and I hire, I want talent and nothing else.”

Ultimately, the decision to use resume paper won’t make or break your career search. It is more personal than professional choice.

But, if you’re really unsure, speak to someone who works for the company you’re applying to. If you don’t know anyone personally, search LinkedIn. Often times, companies’ profiles  list their openings, along with tips for interviewing. If you can’t find a company profile page, don’t give up! Search for someone who works for the company and send them a short message explaining that you’re interested in the company and could use any advice they’re willing to share. If that doesn’t help, then err on the side of caution and use resume paper — and don’t forget to have another pair of eyes proof it.

After all, you want talk into that interview you’ve landed confident that your resume looks great!