UPTOWN Professional Aug 7, 2012

Required Reading: Latino Small Businesses and the American Dream

by Ann Brown

Latino Small Businesses and the American DreamLATINO SMALL BUSINESSES AND THE AMERICAN DREAM: Community Social Work Practice and Economic and Social Development
Melvin Delgado

Latinos own 2 million small businesses and counting. Author Melvin Delgado delivers various case studies to show the link between indigenous small businesses and community well being in this exploding population. The number of Latino business owners is expected to double within the next few years.

Small businesses help communities more than most imagine and Latino businesses not only strengthen the economy, but also offer outlets to those that society tends to overlook. For example, Delgado points out how these companies often provide jobs for potential employees whose criminal and mental health backgrounds would not be considered by mainstream businesses.

Format: Paperback, 296 pages, hardcover, Kindle (Columbia University Press)