UPTOWN Professional Aug 2, 2012

Required Reading: My Times in Black and White

by Ann Brown
My Times in Black and White by Gerald BoydMY TIMES IN BLACK AND WHITE: Race and Power at the New York Times
Gerald M. Boyd

In the world of journalism, journalist Gerald Boyd made the news—literally and figuratively. When he was appointed as managing editor of the New York Times in 2001, he became the first African-American to hold one of the paper’s top two editing positions. And his leadership helped, the revered paper won numerous Pulitzers.

But, it all came to a halt when, in 2003, a young African American reporter named Jayson Blair was caught plagiarizing and fabricating stories. Boyd, who died in 2006, was forced to resign.

In this posthumous memoir, Boyd discusses how he overcame poverty, racism, and personal problems to become a powerful newsman. He also gives an inside peek at the power plays that went on at the Times, and the racial obstacles he faced while he was on staff.

Format: Hardcover, 432 pages, Kindle (Lawrence Hill Books)