UPTOWN Professional Jan 14, 2011

Top 100 Executives in America

Top 100 Executives in America

Selecting the 2011 Top 100 Executives in America is a bold endeavor that proved to be both gratifying and tough. How do you pick the top from the top?

To undertake that task we looked at high achievers recognized for their innovation and impact within their companies but with the added measure of their commitment to diversity and inclusion. What we found are corporate rock stars logging thousands of travel miles on behalf of a global mission to make diversity and inclusion, and dignity and respect a mindset and standard operating procedure within their companies and organizations. Even as they executed their corporate responsibilities these executives have made time in their lives to mentor others to create a dynamic pipeline for the diverse leaders of tomorrow who one day will be their colleagues and successors.

The outcome is a list that is a powerful roll call of culturally and ethnically diverse executives who work for and head some of the top companies and organizations in the world. They are thought leaders who are passionate about diversity and inclusion in the workplace not only because they know it is good for business but because it is the right thing to do.

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